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Question What are the characteristics of Department of Ethnomusicology, Nanhua University?
Answer We offer both undergraduate and graduate programs. For undergraduate program, our goal is to cultivate music students with a viewpoint of ethnomusiclology. Undergraduate students in the department may freely choose one series of courses from Chinese music and theory, Western music and theory, Taiwanese music and theory, World music including from Asia, Africa and Oceania, the Middle East, South and North America and their diasporas etc. Moreover, guqin is the most revered of all Chinese instruments and it has been proclaimed as one of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2004; two-year study of guqin is required in Bachelor’s curriculum. Candidate must complete either dissertation or performance programs in order to be eligible for graduation certificate. For graduate program, our goal is to provide theoretical and practical grounding in the discipline of ethnomusicology, as well as the opportunity to develop performance and ethnographic skills, regional expertise, and a deeper understanding of global music. We offer Master’s Degrees in Ethnomusicology, Performance. The graduate program will suit those looking for a springboard into further research or employment in a range of music-related fields including journalism, industry, NGOs and education.


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