Seminar on National Instrumental Music(2017)

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Seminar on National Instrumental Music(2017)
Seminar on National Instrumental Music
Activities Subject:

In order to present and create the multicultural culture and vision of students of the Department of Ethnomusicology of Nanhua University, in the direction of the development of Chinese and Western music and world music for the development of research, the "2017 cross-strait national instrumental symposium" is specially designed for Taiwan, mainland China A group of professional researchers, performers, musicians, folk musicians participating in the event, and arranged "2017 cross-strait national instrumental music exchange concert" after the seminar, so that students and experts and scholars have more distance music exchange, as The school in the students and different professional teachers to learn the relevant content of the subject, strengthen the Department of Ethnomusicology students of Nanhua University and the world, enrich the rich connotation of self-cultural diversity.

Invite experts and scholars:

Professor Feng Zhihao Director of Department of Ethnomusicology, Nanhua University

Associate Professor Ming Lianguo Professor of National Music Department, Nanhua University

Professor Shi Deyu Professor, National Institute of Art, National University of Success

Professor Chen Yan Henan Province, Zhengzhou University, vice president of music, doctoral tutor

Associate Professor Zhu Hongbo Jiangsu Province, the second Normal University, the Department of the Department of Visiting scholar

Lv Jianhua chiqin division national level Erhu chao division Beijing non-material cultural heritage heritage

Lu Xiaoxi national instrumental musicians Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture creative staff, folk musicians

Meet the relevant units and staff table

Master plan: Feng Zhiyao

Project Moderator: Ming Li Guo

Co-Moderator: Ye Jiaying

Executive Committee: Feng Zhihao, Ye Jiaying, Ke Chenglin

General Assembly Master of ceremonies: Ye Jiaying

Public Relations Group: Wu Ziqing, Yang Zhixuan, Bai Yu Lin, Lin Bo Kai

Clerical group: Ke Zhuanglin, Wu Yanzhen

Photography group: Tong Jiawei, Lin Xingrong, Huang Peixuan

Activities group: Yin Jianxun, Cai Xuiren, Chen Weiru

Sponsor: Department of Ethnomusicology, Nanhua University, Center for the Development of Art Industry
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